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    Jakarta - Indonesian Black Metal Band 


Formed this band for the first time in a rehearsal session consisted of three personnel namely : Kiky (Guitas/Vocals), Yusuf (Guitars) and Rony (Drums), Then get new bass player and met Gatrik in Jayabaya University (Jakarta - Indonesia) in the early years 1997. We do not know much about Black Metal music because each of us is still likes listen to metal underground music genre such as : Thrash Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal, and Punk. As well as each of us still keep busy with activities at the college.

Precisely on March 29, 1998, We decided to form a band and we decided to name band is BARZAKH. The flow of the music we play is a musical Black Metal and decided to spend more time listening music of Black Metal for idea and concept in the band. Original line-up are :       Kiky (Guitars/Vocals), Yusuf (Guitars), Gatrik (Bass), Rony (Drums).

March 29, 1998, The band's first trip has started. We have not been quite satisfied to play Black Metal music then we try to add a Keyboard player in August 1998, Then we add Ally as a keyboard player for almost a year and joined for the band. On September 24, 1999, Yusuf (Guitars) and Ally (Keyboards) decided to leave the band and eventually be replaced by Reno as a Guitar player replaces  Yusuf (Guitars) and we also have recorded the first promo album in the format on Cassette Tape titled "Ritual Of Darkness" (Self promo released - 1999), Then Kiky (Guitars/Vocals) left the band on May 26, 2001, Leon joined then fill Vocal and assisted by the inclusion of Yudi as a Guitars/Vocals helped Reno (Guitars). Changes line-up in the band are still happening but does not change our attitude to record a song and then we made the first album in the format on Cassette Tape and CD titled "From The Devil To Sin" (Self released - 2001). On July 17, 2001, Leon (Vocals) left the band for a long time and also on July 25, 2002, Rony (Drums), Kiky (GuitarSVocals) and Yudi (Vocals) are also more concentrated in college to finish his education and out from the band. Not long after Andy fill the Guitar as/Vocals and Adev Chudaiva has joined for the band as new drum player. On October 26, 2002, Yudi (Vocals) has left the band, October 31, 2002, Andy (Guitars/Vocals) also has left the band.


One month later, exactly on November 20, 2002, met with Rizal as Guitar player at a Academic University in Jakarta - Indonesia (Bina Sarana Informatika) to support the position of Reno (Guitars). On January 23, 2003, Agni has entered as new Vocalist and Willy as Keyboard player and then we decided to record again for our second album in the format on CD titled "Heart Holy In Hypocrite" (Self released - 2004). Right on May 10, 2004 Rizal (Guitars) and Willy (Keyboards) has left the band and we appreciate them only as supporting musicians in the band.

On January 10, 2006, Adev Chudaiva (Drums) has left the band and that's when we did not have a real drummer. Yes, No have ‘Real Drummer’ and then we agreed to record again for the third album in the format on CD with the support of drum programming (Software) titled "In A Meaning The Note" (Self released - 2007). After all this time did not get a real drummer, In the end we agreed to looking for a new drummer and we met with Arvin precisely on January 20, 2007, (Rehearsal session for drum), After Arvin joined to fill the drum a few months later Reno (Guitar) has resigned from the band (Focused for his family). And finally the line-up has changed only two musicians in the band since 2010 : Agni (Guitars/Vocals) & Gatrik (Bass). We still use a drum programming (Software) for the next album and Arvin (Drums) be back again for a long time in the band since very busy with his college in the Trisakti University (Jakarta - Indonesia) totally support from him for rehearsal and covering song on drum in the band.





Our music and more inspired by several bands such as : Mayhem, Dissection, COF (Old), Etc... 

Song lyrics we've made of telling about the grim of life, death, and whatever we think!


- Line-up promo cassette album "RITUAL OF DARKNESS" (Self promo released - 1999) :

Kiky (Guitars/Vocals), Reno (Guitars), Gatrik (Bass), Rony R.I.P (Drums).

- Line-up 1st. album 'FROM THE DEVIL TO SIN' was released in 2001 (Self released) :             Yudi R.I.P (Vocals), Reno (Guitars), Andy (Guitars), Gatrik (Bass), Rony R.I.P (Drums).

- Line-up 2nd. album 'HEART HOLY IN HYPOCRITE' was released in 2004 (Self released) :  Agni (Vocals), Reno (Guitars), Gatrik (Bass), Adev (Drums), Rizal (Guitars), Willy (Keyboards).

- Line-up 3rd. album 'IN A MEANING THE NOTE' was released in 2007 (Self released) :           Agni (Vocals), Reno (Guitars/Drum Programming), Gatrik (Bass).

- Rest In Peace to : Rony (R.I.P) and Yudi (R.I.P).

Goodbye brother and we will always remember you in the band, Hails and Respect!!!