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* Promo Tape 'Ritual Of Darkness' D.I.Y (1999). SOLD OUT!!!

* 1st Album On Cassete 'From The Devil To Sin' D.I.Y (2001). SOLD OUT!!!

* 1st Album On CD 'From The Devil To Sin' D.I.Y (2001). SOLD OUT!!!

* 2nd Album On CDR 'Heart Holy In Hypocrite' D.I.Y (2004). SOLD OUT!!!

* 3rd Album On CDR 'In A Meaning The Note' D.I.Y (2007). SOLD OUT!!!

* Re-released on Slimline Case CD 3rd Album. 2nd press CD by Hibernacula Rec, U.K (2014).

* Released on CD '6-Ways Of Hell' Split Album by Satanath Records, Russia (2015).


* Black Warriors Compilation by Black Mad Productions, Jakarta (2001).

* Vampiria Party 1 Compilation by Extreme Noise Records, Jakarta (2001).

* Hati Hitam It's True Compilation by Black Heart Productions, Surabaya (2001).

* Black Lightning 1 Compilation by Sonnengott Music, Gresik (2002).

* Blacker Than Darkness Chapter IV Compilation by Dark Banner Productions, Bandung (2003).

* Jeritan Hati 2 Compilation by RA Productions, Jakarta (2003).

* Deeper Under Ground 3 Compilation by Sonnengott Music, Gresik (2004).

* Army Of Black Waly 1 Compilation by Inviolable Music, Cirebon (2004).

* Black Legion 1 Compilation by Master Of Disharmony Records, Purwokerto (2004).

* Castle Of Darkness 1 Compilation by Screams Of Agony Records, Lamongan (2004).

* 6 Way Hell Split album On Cd by Metal Industries Productions, Singapore (2005).

* Tidaklah Berakhir Seperti Ini Compilation by Inside Records, Jakarta (2007).

* Brutal Orchestra Compilation On Cd by Khayangan Productions, Malaysia (2009).

* Republik Hitam Compilation On Cd by Brutal Homed Records, Jakarta (2009).

* Black Pagan Death Salute Vol II Compilation On Cd by Salute Records, Sweden (2010).

* Duality Taranis Compilation On Cd by Taranis Productions, France (2012).

* The Darkness Warrior Compilation On Cd by Black Art Metal Soul Productions, Jakarta (2013).

* Slowly We Rot Compilation Vol.4 On Cd by Slowly We Rot Fanzine, Romania (2013).

* Moonspell Rites Promotions Compilation Vol 1. Scorched Earth, U.S.A (2014).

6 - Ways Of Hell Split Album On Cd by Satanath Records, Russia (2015).



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* Review by John Larsen from Occult Black Metal Zine (U.S.A)

(In A Meaning The Note Album)

Barzakh  are  a  band  from  Indonesia  that  plays  a  very  melodic  and  old  school  form  of black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  self  released  2013  promo.
"Shadow  In  The  Grief"  opens  up  with  drum  beats  before  adding  in  some  fast  old  school black  metal  guitar  riffs  along  with  a  mixture  of  growls  and  grim  screams  and  you  can hear  dark  sounding  melodies  in  the  guitar  riffs  along  with  a  small  amount  of  blast  beats and  the  song  also  alternates  between  mid  paced  and  fast  parts.
"She's  Not  Honoured"  begins  with  drum  beats  before  adding  in  old  school  and  melodic black  metal  guitar  and  bass  riffs  which  leads  up  to  grim  screams  and  blast  beats  and then  the  music  starts  to  alternate  between  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  along  with  a  brief use  of  deep  growls.
Song  lyrics  cover  dark  themes,  while  the  production  has  a  very  dark,  raw  and  primitive sound  to  it  in  the  mid  90's  direction.
In  my  opinion  Barzakh  are  a  very  great  sounding  old  school  and  melodic  black  metal band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  promo. RECOMMENDED  TRACK  "Shadow  In  The  Grief".  RECOMMENDED.

* Review by Danny from Moonspell Rites Promotions (U.S.A)

(In A Meaning The Note Album)

Barzakh come from Indonesia and plays really aggressive yet melodic  Black/Death Metal in veins of Impiety and Swedish Death/Black Metal.The following record was released as 3rd full length  entitled  " In A Meaning The Note "and contains seven really mindcrushing tracks.(I had to write straight from mp.3 files listening, and probably doesn’t come close to the original sound)

The first track ‘Shadow in the Grief’immediately opens up with some fierceful riffing,and devastating drumming,and after one minute switches over some some melodic guitarwork.However not really convinced we’d continue to the second track…‘She’s not Honoured’ continues where first track left of,again in the same style.As in the first track the vocals switches over from grunts to BM screams in style of bands like French Arkhon Infaustus etc.yet keeping own identity. After listening to the two tracks I was expecting some intermezzo,yet 3rd  track ‘Hatred in Mourn Heart’just continues in same style.However the music isn’t that bad,it isn’t really convincing either.More variation in some of the songs wouldn’t be that bad.
‘The Valley of Unrest’ most definitely is my favorite track.At the middle of first minute it really starts to get really interesting,with some outstanding guitarwork. fter those songs and checking out ‘A place for to Pray’,’The Satanic  Space’ and ‘Hallucination of Psycho’ I come to the conclusion it is again ‘One of those albums’.Hopefully the next album will be more convincing.At least to my ears.Therefore 70 points in score,not cause of  doubting the music credibility,but for the songwriting.Cause I know somehow they can do way more much better.

* Review by Mrs. Pagan Tordengrav from Pagan Reviews (England).

(In A Meaning The Note Album)                                                                                            

"Formed on March 29, 1998, Barzakh are inspired by bands such as Mayhem, Cradle of Filth – (the earlier variety) and Dissection to name but three. The band sings around the themes of hatred and death and has come a long way in fifteen years but only produced four albums to date with the last one “In a meaning the note” released in 2007 and the first was actually released as a promo on cassette.

All the way from Jakarta Indonesia this CD has travelled and judging by the dates on the discography feel there should have been two more released from Barzakh but like with most bands the usual line-up changes and trying to add extra instruments such as keyboards I feel this may have hampered them somewhat and more importantly after losing two band members to the Grim Reaper can’t have been an easy thing to get through.

This album although released in 2007 is self-released but does not take away the effort that has gone into making it.  The cover is as you would expect in keeping with its lyrical form and genre depicts a girl hanging onto a wooden cross with the band name and title in red letters.  The inside cover holds three photographs of the band as they are now with all the necessary information within.

* Shadow in the  Grief :                                                                                                            There is as you would expect a lot of ambiance and familiar blast beats with screamed black vocal scathing and demonic – so a good start! I cannot help but think this track was written for the passing of the two members who were taken by the reaper (July 25th Rony and October 26th Yudi) R.I.P

* She’s not honoured :                                                                                                                 Really good fast track with lots of cymbal thrashing, consistent beats and more caustic vocals but here there is another deeper vocal which compliments the track on its journey.

* Hatred in Mourn Heart :                                                                                                            Deep demonic vocal screams into life as an array of blast beats flurry like a stirring mass of musical thunder. Good strong bass hooks and melodic guitar riffs really give this track life.

* The Valley of Unrest :                                                                                                                    A crunching of drum beats and spasmodic cymbals accompanied by a deep cutting guttural vocal as well as a more high pitched screaming vocal surrounded by very juicy melodic rhythms with black metal tempos and strong bass lines.

* A place to Prey :                                                                                                                             These guys certainly have an appetite for rhythmically violent vocal tracks and deliver yet more scathing, but complex melodic riffs and as a result it achieves an interesting atmosphere with ground holding ability.

* Hallucination of Psycho :                                                                                                           This is a highly delightful musical surprise with more of a dominating Thrash rhythm incorporating black vocals and a drum beat that literally chatters like teeth on a cold winter’s morning! Great rhythm and a great tonal sound all round. Superb track!

* The Satanic Place :                                                                                                                        Another gratifying track composed of a cornucopia of fast percussion and melodious rhythms offering an intense listen with harsh grating howls from the darkest hell and sadly finishes far too soon.

To sum up :                                                                                                                              Despite this album being produced in 2007 it really has stood the test of time with the band creating a superb dark atmosphere and yet giving their tracks the added melodic guitar riffs and thrash element that is cleverly created and already there is a new black metal forming in the name of Barzakh. I am keen to find out how the band sounds today and to see where their epic masterpieces, violent rhythms and tortured vocals have brought them to in their musical career?

Their music is not all the same although it is in keeping with the black metal theme and predominantly black but the added surprises on this album far out-weigh the monotonous samey black metal and I would hardly call this depressive as this has more bite than a crocodile!  Barzakh really do have potential, but sadly being in Indonesia there is little chance of seeing them live unless they get signed and do a tour, but for now we have the Internet and so that will sadly have to do! Great effort! Great music!"

* Review by Twan from Brutalism (Netherlands).

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"Barzakh is a progressive 6-pack black metal band from Indonesia. Together with the corpsepaint they play some nice tunes. The songs have variety in tempo and lots of melody. Nice guitarleads which building some atmosphere in the songs. Vocals are screamy and then coming from the deep. The songs are long but don't get bored because the melodic variety and atmospheric parts that turn to aggressive moods suddenly. Nice album and hoping people will pick them up."


* Review by Morgana from Back To The Grave (Portugal).                                                                    

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"March 1998. A new manifestation is born under the unexpected Indonesian skies. Six years later Fate had it that I should be writing some lines about BARZAKH's musical manifestation. In its history, the band has become used to frequent line-up changes, but the line-up seems to be stable since 2003 and BARZAKH are currently comprised of Agni (vocals), Reno (lead guitar), Rizal (lead guitar), Gatrik (bass), Adev (drums) and Willy (keyboards).

A neat, handwritten letter introduced us to the demo CD which is not exactly a demo, called "Heart Holy in Hypocrite". It was almost surreal to understand the song title – and I am not sure I ever managed to. I simply do not know where they are heading at: Border Holy in the Sin, The Power Darkness that Eternal, Hesitation Mind in the Veil, Her Robe Willingness in the Trash, The Rising of the Heart Close, etc.

Musically, the band is not quite as anecdotic as their visual and/ or linguistic dimensions. On the song-writing department, there is still a lot to learn, but I was  in all honesty  surprised to hear such consistent songs. The ideas fit with old CRADLE OF FILTH, but there is more to the music than just that. There are elements of melody (in the keyboard and some riffs) and aggressiveness, in a decent proportion. Generically this could be considered melodic Black Metal and might please more people than you would know. Anyway, one of the recurrent thoughts throughout the listening sessions I have had was: «Does anyone know the word 'metronome' in Indonesia?». But given the fact that this is a demonstration of BARZAKH's music, I suppose it is okay. This type of melodic Black Metal has different moments and the melody (mostly in the keyboards) reminds me of mid nineties Black Metal from all around Europe. More ideas of their own will be a strategic element in the future.

Despite the initial bad impression from the linguistic atrocities perpetrated by the band, the music does deserve a listen. There are a couple of mp3 songs on the band's website. Contact BARZAKH directly."


* Review by Manuel from Vampire Magazine (Netherlands).                                                                                                             

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"From Jakarta comes BARZAKH, whom were forged in '98. From that moment 'till '03 line-up changes were in order. These Indonesians claim that their style derives from CRADLE OF FILTH, DIMMU BORGIR and DREAM THEATER. At least, those just mentioned are most relevant when keeping your eye on this review. Furthermore it must be told that BARZAKH send Vampire Magazine four tracks from their latest full-length entitled "Heart Holy In Hypocrite", which is available in both CD and tape format. The actual album consists of eight songs and therefore a cautious impression is given towards the received material.

It's nice to hear the keyboards are recorded way on the background immediate on the first track. Also, some nice soloing is at hand during 'Border Holy In The Sin'. This atmosphere created remind this writer to ORDO DRACONIS' earlier work combined with the more relax parts of MITOTHYN' "Kings Of The Distant Forest". BARZAKH manages to create an even more melodic variant of this kind of black metal though and they're on the edge of becoming too soft, touchy and mushy. More violence is imbued in the first notes take place as 'The Power Darkness That Eternal' comes along. 'Her Robe Willingness In The Trash' and 'Light The End' go back to the first song, but are more built up musically speaking. A compliment has to be granted for the solos on almost every track and the high vocals in general.

Yes, by now you should've asked yourself if the grammar is in order. No it isn't and therefore it's strongly recommend that BARZAKH uses a spelling control on everything they write from now on! Just take a look at their website, it is hilarious / ridiculous. Do not expect melodic black metal in the style of DIMMU or CRADLE, but even more over the top. Clearly this kind of black can work for the youth, but definitely not for the metal maniacs who have been around some years. Keep in mind that only four tracks were reviewed from a CD that included twice as much songs, thus the running time mentioned above in the introduction is inaccurate."


* Review by Laeknishendr from Myrrthronth (Germany).     

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"This promotional CDR of the indonesian Band Barzakh contains melodic, highly keyboard influenced Black Metal of happy sort. Practised well, this style can be sure enjoyable, but those, who first think of big acts such as Catamenia, Old Man's Child etc. are, concerning the quality of Barzakhs music, far out. Between these mentioned bands and Barzakh are universes.In their four songs, that consist of unimaginative average riffing, unspectacular Black Metal screaming and even worse Death Metal grunts alternate, that are, due to the weak diaphragm of the vocalist, hardly listenable. The cheap, gruesome kitschy and inflationary used Power Metal keyboards destroy every piece of hardness. The songs don't seem to have any structure and may remind one of moley toys of cheapest chinese quality, but not even rudimentary of elaborate Black Metal. And this won't change, even after I would listen to this 10 times. But I think I prefer to spare this to me.I don't know, what bands of the notorious indonesian Black Metal scene are the musical influence of Barzakh, but it does not seem strange to me, that I have never heard of them. So guys, please leave me alone with your rubbish until you have learned about the difference between Hammerfall and Black Metal

he introduction is inaccurate."


* Review by Teonzo from Shapeless Zine (Italy).                                                                                                                 

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"Barzakh è un gruppo proveniente dall'Indonesia di cui si sa veramente poco: è formato da quattro individui (Adev, Agni, Reno e Getz) e dopo l'uscita nel 2001 del primo demo "From The Devil To Sin" ci propongono il demo "Heart Holy in Hypocrite", in CD-R e senza artwork (perlomeno il promo che ho sotto le mani).

Ciò che ci presentano è un black metal influenzato parecchio da un progressive epic heavy metal, infatti dal primo brano "Border Holy In The Sin" emergono subito queste caratteristiche che li accompagneranno per tutto il resto del lavoro: spicca uno scream acuto alla Dany Filth e ben variabile con un cavernoso growl; gli assoli di chitarra sono molto melodici e epici, a tratti sembra di sentire i Rhapsody ed in alcune parti anche l'"Inno Alla Gioia" di Beethoven in versione lercia e minimale. Non comprendo il motivo, ma mi verrebbe da sorridere e dire: "Evviva il metallo neroooooooo!!!". Non me ne vogliano ma questa traccia mi è sembrato un po' "scherzosa" e "spensierata", senza levare nulla alla loro creatività, che è ben notevole. E' un brano ricco di instancabili cambi di tempo, che non lo penalizzano affatto, ma al contrario sottolineano la padronanza e la tecnica dei quattro con i propri strumenti. Una nota di merito va dunque al batterista: molto bravo e tecnico al punto giusto! Peccato perché ci sono spunti interessanti, violenti e tirati, ma che vengono tranciati di netto con stacchi power e forse un po' troppo happy!

La seconda canzone "The Power Of Darkness That Eternal" sembra l'attacco di "The Principle Of Evil Made Flash" dei Cradle Of Filth; è più poderosa, tiratissima e bombardante. Bravissimi il chitarrista ed il batterista, qui sembra di sentire anche i Bal-Sagoth per le parti atmosferiche inserite da tastiere ed i Blood Storm per alcune parti più thrash. Qui siamo veramente su un altro livello, è la canzone che reputo la più interessante di tutto il demo.

Nel terzo brano "Hesitation Mind In The Veil" un'introduzione di tastiere epiche lancia la partenza immediata a stacchi thrash/black abbastanza pesanti e sostenuti, ma che vengono rincorsi subito dopo dalle infaticabili chitarre progressive e molto melodiche.

Con l'ultimo brano "Her Robe Willingness In The Trash" si attacca con un un ritmo malefico a base di basso, giri di timpani, tom e tastiere, peccato quegli assoli festosi. Molto bello invece l'intermezzo del brano che presenta tutti i connotati di un black metal funesto.

Il demo è stato autoprodotto con un sound alla "Deathcrush" che è apprezzabilissimo. Rimane competitivo, ma a mio avviso questo lavoro non cattura in modo particolare l'orecchio dell'ascoltatore in quanto i brani sfuggono velocemente senza lasciare segni particolari e melodie nefaste da me gradite."


* Review by Federico from Music Extreme (Argentina).                                                                                                  

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"I really like when bands go beyond styles and show good musicianship combining elements from different kinds of extreme music. Barzakh has achieved really good compositions here mixing the rawest of black emtals with dark melodies and also a pure metal feeling. THeir music is a combination of pure aggression with heavier than hell rifs and vocal that sometimes are close to black metal and sometimes to death metal with incredible melodies taht would have not been out of place ina pure heavy metal band. The guitars are raw and they play fast riffs when is neded and more mid paced ones in the more cliamtic parts, also adding melodies in many parts. I like the combination of the death and the black metal voices emphasizing certain feeling of the music here. The sound is a little bit buried and with a better mix the band will surely sound even more powerful. THis band rules and shows that Indonesia is a country that has killer bands."


* Review by Burt Wolf from Beowolf Productions (Usa).      

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)     

"Hailing out of the pits of darkness in Indonesia comes this sick Black Metal band. These guys blend lots of melodic atmospheric stuff with pure evil brutality! The music takes influences from old school & new school Black Metal music.There is a cold dark feel to their sound as well.The vocals go from low Black Metal growls,to harsh Black Metal screams & into some mid ranged Black Metal haunts.These guys are very good & very intense!!!"


* Review by Rizal Suicidal from Metal Industries (Singapore).    

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)

"BARZAKH (Indonesia) sets a cold grim atmosphere in this album 'Heart Holy In Hypocrite'. Reminds me of the old CRADLE OF FILTH and ILNARTH. This black metal horde delivers melodic synths along the beautifully hellish-composed songs, with great high-pitch Dani-alike vocals. Totally one not to be missed! Superb album from BARZAKH, whereby all their originals in this release are beyond eaxpectations and lyrics greatly written! Mighty Hail to BARZAKH!!!"


* Review by Veles from Sacred Angel (Lithuania).        

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album) 

"BARZAKH hails us from Jakarta – Indonesia with very technical and melodic approach of Black Metal. From the first tunes of this 4 piece demo it was clear that Barzakh will really kick our asses. Very catchy and melodic riffs, which sometimes sounds really un blackish gave a lot of magic power to this release. Sometimes music sounded even very technical and melodic death metal. There are some elements of it, for example riffs, some growling vocals, but it is quite clear that band plays very melodic black metal. I could kneel in front of the guitar player of this band, his guitar solos and melodies gave really good sound to the demo. Some melodies even gave a sense of epic metal! But how professional and catchy the sound would be, it sounds a bit not original. I would name this band as a bit heavier copy of Cradle Of Filth. But if I had to choose which one to listen, it would be definitely BARZAKH! Its indeed a good production and sound example as for 4 track demo. I' am a bit stunned with such technical band from INDONESIA. I think it is the first one I've heard. I would recommend this demo for all melodic metal fans you wound regret it."


* Review by Bugra Panzerfaust from Anubis Zine (Turkey).                                                            

(Heart Holy in Hypocrite Album)         

"Again there isn't any track name or cover. When I look at their album there are 8 tracks but again I have 4 tracks,I guess they have a satisfaction explanation. Their style this time is better. (Melodic Black Metal.) because of those things I did not think that I would like to.

From the Devil to Sin Album  A slipshod promo. There isn't any track name or cover. In fact the CD must have 8 tracks but I have 4 tracks.I don't know why? Apparently there are effects of Cradle of Filth.



* Review by Miguel Ramires from Atraxion Radio (Chile).

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)    




Track : The Power Darkness That Eternal

Estilo : Black Progg Metal


Website :





Catagory : BEST ASIATIC BAND 2004


Track : Her Robe Willingness In The Thrash

Album : Heart Holy In Hypocrite

Website :


* Review by Miguel Ramirez G. from AntiNercia Radio (Chile).

(Heart Holy In Hypocrite Album)       

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* Review by Colleti Jean Charles of Infernal Wafes Radio (France).                                                                                         

(Promo demo Cassete)






the introduction is inaccurate.


* Review by Florin from Nocturn Show Radio (Romania).


From:Florin/Nocturn Metal Show & Radio High Voltage

"I have received your cd and I must tell you
that it's a great release!
Be sure that you'll get the best promotion here!
I have expected to receive your double cd because
my intention was (after broadcasting) to send your
release to some local magazines.
Anyway, good luck there and keep in touch"
PART II 01.Barzakh - Border Holy in Sin


* Review by Static Mass Radio (Usa).                              
Playlist 19. Barzakh (The rising of the heart close)